12 Things To Never Say To A Man

Words once out can’t be taken back. What you speak is not just about words, it’s about what you think. Sometime tongue can act like a sword to kill a relationship whether in rage, ego or being casual.

Guys have feelings too. They do get hurt emotionally. Value of a relationship depends upon the quality of talk and words which are being used. If you want to keep you man attracted, remember these 12 things to never say to a man. Learn how to win a man’s heart by being cautious of the words and phrases you use with your boyfriend or husband.

  1. ‘Shut Up’

You must not tell anyone to shut up unless your are joking around in a jolly mood. This immediately can turn the guy off whether he is your boyfriend or husband. This is an ultimate sign of disrespect. You can never win someone by disrespect.

2. ‘You Tend To Remind Me Of My Ex’

Telling your guy this sends two wrong signals. One is the comparison and other is that you are still stuck in the past with your ex. No man would like to get compared and so do you. Think of he saying the same to you about his ex, how would you feel? It’s your conscious decision to be with your boyfriend or husband so you must focus on the current relationship and make it the best version of love and respect.

Back With An Ex

3. ‘Are These Condoms Not Too Big For You?’

Never ever question a man’s length or girth. Ultimately you need a confident guy in bed, true or not? If you question him like this, he may start thinking about your past experiences. Men want their prowess to be validated in bed, not to be questioned. By the way, it’s not about size – it’s about the love chemistry that you both have. Any size can be enjoyable as long as you both have true feelings for each other. It’s more mind game.

4. ‘You Are Not That Strong’

Don’t misunderstand a man’s vulnerable side. When it’s the time to show strength he’ll be more than what can you even think of. Support your guy, make him realise that he’s strong, make him believe that he is strong. Manifestations change the whole thing. How can you demean someone with whom you are going to be with for life or at least in a long term relationship? Excite your boyfriend or husband with positive vibes of his masculinity.

5. ‘Your Friend Is Hot’

This is the ultimate thing to say to a guy to make him insecure. The way you don’t want your man to get attracted somewhere else, he also doesn’t want you to get attracted to someones else even in thoughts. Your boyfriend or husband is with you, not his friend. So why put such remarks which create a doubt in mind. There are other ways to appreciate if you really want to. However, my suggestion is not to get into such appreciations for his close friends.

6. ‘Your Parents Drive Me Nuts’

Everyone has love and respect for parents. None of you will like such comments. There may be differences of thoughts and opinions but you must take those with subtle gesture and try to become neutral. The idea is to build a great relationship with each other, parents are not going to stay forever with any of you anyways. Respecting your boyfriend’s parents will give him respect and you both will cherish a great relationship. 

7. ‘We Need To Talk’

Communication is the key to a great relationship. However the phrase ‘We Need To Talk’ is extremely harsh and indicates that there’s a big relationship issue to be discussed. Saying this may lead your man to get into wrong conclusions and eventually can result in bad communication. It’s like threatening him of something which is he may or may not be aware of.

Use subtle words to initiate a communication even if the talk is super important and needs serious attention.

8. ‘Can You Just Finish Yourself Off?’

Men certainly can and it’s called masturbation. He can do it even without you. If he is with you then you must be complimenting the act and find ways to make it more exciting. Appreciate him for his act in bed. You man will certainly have something to be appreciated while being in bed with you.

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9. ‘Have You Gained Weight?’ | ‘You Are Turning Grey’

What if he says the same thing to you, would your love to hear that? Certainly not right? Men can’t feel great is something makes them feel weak or disrespected. Words and phrases are important, there are subtle ways to indicate and support your guy to make desired changes. Ageing does certain things which can’t be reversed and talking about it will only make him feel bad. Remember, emotional chemistry is the top priority in a healthy and wonderful relationship. It is not an ego game.

10. ‘How Cute You Are’

He is your boyfriend or husband – the man, not a baby. Babies are cute. Your man must be reminded of his masculinity and not the other way round. Avoid saying this to your man.

11. ‘I have Trained You Well’

Do you think he is dumb? If yes then why did you chose him? This indicates that you are manipulative. It’s a huge disrespect for your husband or boyfriend and repeating the same can also break the relation off. He is man with his own brain, he can think, decide and learn things on his own.

Making your man learn certain skills is part of the relationship but speaking it like ‘I have Trained You Well’ is not the right attempt for your relationship to flourish. Don’t attack on his confidence. Confident man is your strength too.

12. ‘I Need To Help You Shop’

This remark is based upon your doubt on his shopping skills. Which also means you question his taste and style. In certain cases you may not like his style, clothes or accessories but it’s individual choice and selection.

Best way is to suggest him rather than saying it. Go along with him, do some work to select things for him to try on. Encourage him to try new things which you like. Just don’t discourage him of his choices. Remember, you are also one of his important choices.


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