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The reason you are reading this article is that you are happier than usual and someone is keeping your mind occupied all the time. You don’t really know if you are in love or just attracted to this special person in your life! Feelings are complicated and you want to check if this is for real or just a crush?

Have you started smiling alone suddenly, thinking of those past moments or imagining the beauty of future with this person? It may be the case that you have started looking at only the positive side and traits of this person. A question raised by your friend or family on him/her gets you into a positive justification mode – you are probably in love.

This is not enough though. I know the feeling of a break up is devastating. You need to be sure of love from both the sides but get to know yourself first – If you are in love? let’s look at the symptoms of love below.

  1. He/She Can’t Get Off Your Mind

If you are in love with someone, that person will be there in your mind all the time. You rejoice being with this individual in person and thoughts both. It’s like magnet, even if you intentionally try to dismiss your attention, within no time it comes back.

Feelings don’t fade in such situation, they only get stronger and deeper over time. You start making future plans with your bae in the mind. Getting into emotional senses in your thoughts becomes an addition. If this all happens- you are most likely in love.

2. Looking At Just One side – The Positive Side

People truly in love focus only or majorly on the positive side of their beloved. They just overlook his/her shortcomings or negative traits. You look at only the magical, blissful and romantic side of life with that person. Daydreaming of those magical moments becomes a habit.

Have you ever noticed that if your friend or family brings up a concern which is not on the positive side of that person, you immediately take stand and start justifying to bring attention back on the qualities of your beloved. Chemicals do their job well, dopamine secretion makes you like that.

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3. Longing For Cuddles More Than Sex

Love gives you such an emotional feel that lust becomes secondary. Just laying on your bae’s chest and cuddling gives you a feeling of bliss and extended orgasms which you never want to lose. This is one of the strongest symptoms of love.

In a situation of true love you don’t get into sex too fast, you wait for it. Sex is more close to lust than love. However couples in true love do great at sex also when right time comes.

4. Your Are There But You Actually Are Not There

Physically you are at some place and mentally with that person. Reports say that people in love spend 85% of their time in thinking about love and related stuff. This is also called as intrusive thinking.

You may feel a jolt if someone calls you up to hail your attention for saying something and you realise the disconnect between your physical vs mental presence. When you feel so, you smile within thinking about that moment. This says love is in the air.

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5. It’s Not Strategic

Couples in love are not strategic and diplomatic. Manoeuvring has got no space. You speak when you want to, you text whenever you feel like. You don’t make any intentional delays in responding back to the texts or calls. Real love is not a game, it’s an emotional chemistry.

When it comes to talking, you tend to talk all the stuff. You don’t have to think whether I disclose something or not. It’s not about small, big, important or critical; you talk everything.

Remember, true love communication is deep as well. You are interested in long term relationship hence you are keen to know about the important stuff like their family, background, habits, passion, dreams etc.

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6. No Interest In Dating Others

Being in love instils a feeling of commitment. If you are focussing only on your bae it means it’s more than a crush.

Search is endless if you don’t want to stop somewhere. Perfection is impossible. So being in love makes you explore more of that person and get committed.

7. Planning Future Together

Who doesn’t want to get established in a relationship? If you are in love with this person, you start making plans of future with him/her. You ask questions about the future. Whole movie runs through your mind starting from dates, wedding, honeymoon, career, house, kids, travel, passion and lot more.

The satisfaction you get in discussing future plans with your bae is most amazing and engrossing. These are the signs of true love.

8. Introducing Them To Your Family

If you have this strong desire of making your bae meet your family, you are in love. Making yourself comfortable to talk to family members and friends is a serious step and it doesn’t get activated unless it’s more than a crush.

You take this step once you have got confidence and can’t live without your bae anymore. You are in love!

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9. Seeking Help & Helping Them

Being in love with someone is a strong emotional bonding. If you don’t hesitate in seeking his/her help anytime be it household chores, career or another advice, you are in something more than a crush.

Being in love, you also prioritise helping your person the same way, in fact you take lead and find ways to help on all the possible fronts starting from small to big ones. True love gets you more involved. There is a powerful sense of empathy in love.

10. You Prioritise Their Health

If you have concerns for your bae’s health and suggest things to do for better health be it weight loss, gain or just being fit. You are in love with that person. Check if this is a genuine concern and it automatically pops in most of the times. However overdoing this is a disconnect.

11. You Take Care Of Their Interests & Likings

Love is such an amazing feeling which makes you so much considerate about other person. Once you are in love, you have a strong desire to take care of your bae’s interest and likings. The food, the drinks, the clothes they like. Taking interest in their hobbies and supporting them in pursuing that is a sign of love.

In addition, you start changing yourself to what they like. Be it clothes, accessories, places to meet and lot other things. You want to see your bae happy when you talk to or meet them.

12. You Become Possessive

This is one of the most common and greatest sign of falling in love. If you notice anyone else making an eye contact with your bae or get hint of attracting your bae, you get jealous. Infidelity has no room in true love. This is also one of the signs of being obsessed with someone.

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13. Feeling Of Being Together All The Time

You would want to be around that person you are in love with all the time. Getting distant form your bae even for a few days makes you feel that something is being snatched away from you.

You have so much to talk about that you never get bored and time is always less. Feeling of true love makes you timeless. This is one of the love synchronicity signs.

14. Complimenting Sexual Chemistry

As you reach the stage of going together in bed, you compliment each other well. Being in love makes you comfortable as well as accommodating. You take care of your bae’s interest and attempt those acts which he/she wants to try even if you didn’t like such earlier. The same goes both ways. It’s never about domination or surrender, it’s about giving everything a try both want.

You don’t get nervous or feel shame even if things go wrong at it, you talk openly and support each other to make it a rocking experience.

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15. An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

Being in love makes you possessive. You may go through the feelings of nervousness, jealousy, frustration and excitement in different situations. Imagine a situation when your bae is away and keeping busy, you may feel all the emotions during this time probably.

16. You Don’t Recall Or Miss Your Ex Anymore

You’ll feel no need to recall your ex and those good or bad moments with your ex since you are in love with this person now. You feel so safe and secured in this love relationship. Your past doesn’t matter to you anymore.

17. Love Continues Even If Initial Excitement Dies Down

Love overpowers short term excitements and attachments. As the time passes a relationship may not have the same spark as you had in your very initial days. Love takes the role here and keeps the relationship intact. You still want to spend time with them. You still love and cherish the permanent qualities and traits in them.

The feeling of ‘I am so in love’ makes the relationship rock.


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