Does He Like Me? How To Know If A Guy Is Into You? 18 Signs!

Men can make you confused often. If you have feelings about a guy and not sure whether to express with him, you need to know first if the guy likes you too?

Most guys are not that expressive and rather they take a step back in letting you know that they are into you. However there are subtle signs which make you confident if the guy is into you! Let’s have a look.

  1. He Tries To Touch You Often

When a guy tries to touch you even when it’s not necessary, it’s a subtle sign he likes you. He may give you a soft touch with his hand or his knee. He’ll try to find opportunities to feel you by touching.

2. Making An Eye Contact

If a guy likes you he can’t stop looking at you. They keep looking at you even when you are not paying attention. If you are looking at him and he’s constantly looking into your eyes – he’s into you!

3. He Dresses to Impress You

Looks are important for you to date with a guy right? He knows it well. He’s ready and dressed well always to go on a date, the moment you say yes! He’ll put all his efforts to look great and smell great. If you see such a change in his appearance – He is interested in you.

4. He Remembers Even Tiny Details About You

If you both have been meeting in general as a friend or for work, he’ll remember every small detail that you share with him about yourself. He won’t leave any opportunity to let you know that he remembers those small details about you. He’ll listen you well and will try to find a deeper connection.

5. He’ll Smile Looking At You Often

Smile shows that the person is happy to see you. A subtle smile with eye contact is a great confirmation that he has a crush on you.

6. Mirroring Body Positions

He’ll copy your body positions in front of you just to make you smile. This sends a strong signal subconsciously and gives you an immediate feel that the guy like you, he wants you.

7. Always Curious To Know More And More About You

You can easily get a guy’s intention based upon his questions about you. He’ll ask more and more personal stuff mostly indirectly. He would want to know about your past life, your boyfriend if any, your likes & dislikes and even more intimate questions. This curiosity is one of the sure signs he is attracted to you.

8. He Finds Opportunities To Gift You Things

Needless to say for any woman to not understand this. It’a clear sign that he wants you, he likes you!

9. He Notices & Tells You About Every Small Change in You – Be It Your Looks, Emotions Or Mood

He will put efforts to notice and get you noticed about slightest changes that you go though. He does it to let you know and feel that the guy has feelings for you and he cares about you. It’s needed for anyone to feel love and attraction.

10. You Zodiac Sign Is Of Much Importance For Him

People do trust astrology and even if they don’t they would like to know if you are Zodiac oriented or not? The guy will find out even the smallest of the compatibilities and bring into you notice. This is a clear sign that he really likes you and wants to be with you.

11. He’ll Initiate Texts & Will Respond To Your Texts In No Time

If he’s thinking about you and wants to make you feel this, he’ll initiate texts with some topic or the other. When it come to get you a reply, you’ll feel that he never sleeps and always staring at your messaging box waiting for your texts. This is when a guy likes you.

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12. He’s The First One To Like/Comment On Your Post And All Of Your Posts 🙂

His interest in you pushes himself to let you know that he likes you. Guy’s may not directly come and propose you until they get a feeling back from your side and so are you. Immediate response and notice of your actions is a strong signal – he has a crush on you!

13. He’ll Feel Jealousy When You Talk To Other Guys

If you are talking to other guys, not necessarily that you are interested in them, he’ll feel awkward and will show his sad face and try to take a leave so how you that he’s not liking this. Once you signal his eyes with a prolonged contact and shy smile, he’ll be back in his spirit again.

14. He’ll Share His Future Plans With You

The guy interested in you will make you feel secure and confident of the future. He’ll make all the efforts to let you know that you’ll be happy and secured with him in future. And he’s sharing it with you because he’s seeing his future with you. If this happens the guy is in love with you.

15. He Can’t See Your Insult

If at any occasion be it party or any gathering, if someone tries to tease you, he’ll take a stand to defend you immediately. This is a gesture of his true feelings for you.

16. He’ll Compliment You Often

Giving a compliment is a subtle way of showing interest or attraction. Since he’s not coming up straight and upfront to let you know about his feelings, he’ll use this tool and compliment you often.

17. Proposing Various Options To Spend More Time With You. He Loves Hanging Out With You

The guy interested in you will always find ways to meet you frequently and spend more time with you. You may not call it as a date yet but he in his own mind is thinking of dating you as much as possible. These proposals are a clear signs of his interest in you.

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18. Secretive Conversation Body Language While Talking To You

He’ll say certain things to you in a whispering manner as if it’s between two of you only. He’ll bring his body closer to you and talk by leaning towards you. He’ll try to listen to all the lowest voices you have by leaning towards you. Sometimes he may really like your fragrances and warmth and want to feel it again and again.

These signs are enough to let you know that the guy is into you. Now’s it time for you decide on yours. If you feel the same for you, go ahead and ask straight. Life is too short to play the game of eye-spy. If chemistry goes well why loos on time to make the most out of a wonderful relationship waiting for you.

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Cheers! Good Luck!

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