How To Ask A Woman Out On A Date? Asking A Girl Out!

Asking a woman or girl on a date is tricky and fearful for guys most of the times. One of the reasons for this is ‘they want a Yes’ and don’t want to fail on their intention. Men who are confident take less time in making an attempt while shy guys have to really prepare for it like an exam.

It’s an ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ both. You must really need to know if she is ready to listen to you? Art comes when you get a confidence of her hidden inclination and propose her smartly.

Sometimes you get a clear signal from her yet you fear to ask her out, true? That’s where some understanding and preparation is required to go all out and ask her as if you have a well behaved right on her.

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  1. Gauge Her Interest Or Attention

It’s about testing the water before you make a plunge. Jumping in a pool without water can really damage you well :).

Engage in eye contact – Make a note of her silent connect. If she catches your eye even with a subtle smile or tries to catch your eye repeatedly, its a signal. Make sure that you don’t stare at her, take your attention off once it goes beyond five seconds otherwise you may be treated as creepy.

A girl may smile and talk to you but doesn’t always mean she wants to go to next level with you. However a silent eye contact or a hide and seek gesture is a signal of her interest.

Establishing connect is important. If you are in touch with a girl or woman already and some communication is on, you must find ways to interact more over a coffee or drink as she is comfortable with. Get to know her interests and find a way to collaborate and support her in those interests. Needless to mention that your indirect interest will give her a hint. Ladies are smart and their sixth sense is better than guys, which is good for you in this context. Idea is to establish a connection first and then prepare yourself to ask her out. Don’t be in hurry. However in the case of unknown woman whom you liked just at sight, approach is to engage in eye contact as explained earlier.

2. Prepare Yourself – Get The Basic Right

Remember; She likes Confidence & Reliable Body Language!

Girls & women like confident guys, they fall for it. Your posture, look, talk & gesture must show confidence. ‘Fake it till you make it’ may also work in some cases but it won’t help you in making the relationship last. Work on yourself to boost your confidence if you lack it. Please note that politeness, respect and a your nature of taking care catches her attention, this tops the list.

Your Attire – What you wear matters more than you may think. After all she is going to be with you, her pride must not be at risk and she is very careful about that. It’s not about having premium clothes and accessories but what suits you the best is important. Well done clothes, shoes, hair and face will make you reach closer in your goal. Don’t over do, you are not there for a job interview. Be comfortable and confident.

No Baggages & No Fear- You might have got rejected in the past with a prepared or unprepared attempt, doesn’t matter. It’s a chemistry that has to be from both the sides. If it didn’t work out in the past doesn’t mean it won’t work out in the future as well. Women respect well behaved proposals and they respect those guys since you had balls to make an attempt. Why fear, a man wants woman, woman wants a man too. You are just asking for a date to spend some time together and see if things work out for a longer relationship. It’s courageous step, you have it so you are making an attempt.

Don’t seek Liquid Support- Be real, you are without booze most of the time anyway and your behaviour may be different in both cases. Getting high may make you feel funny, creepy, dominant or even disrespectful at times. You may loose the opportunity. Take it easy, booze is just to have fun not to gather courage. It’s a fake courage if you do so. It’s not required at all to be honest. You are great in your own spirits, trust that.

Have A Success Thought & Just Do It- You are going to make an attempt which you want, you can’t attempt it with a failure mindset. Make up a success thought in your mind and just ask with confidence. Clock is ticking and not every girl or woman is waiting for you to propose for date. If you think too much, you may loose the opportunity. No whirlwind of negative and confused thoughts in mind, just make an attempt with a confident positive respectful gesture. It’a all natural what I am talking about. You already have it, you don’t have to act.

Accept Her Response, Keep Your Cool- It may be a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ on the spot. Don’t get over excited if it’s a Yes and don’t look like a wimp in case of a No. You have to be prepared for both outcomes. There’s someone that fits into your chemistry for sure, just that you are not sure about it. Keep going, it’s life it has to go on.

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3. Things To Take Care Of

Don’t use ‘Date’ & ‘Hangout’ Words- In my opinion you must not use the date or hangout words to ask her out, there are many ways to ask her to make out time to see each other. It can be over a coffee, lunch or dinner, a walk or at club or a bar as seems fit and comfortable for both.

Her Interest Matters More- Your lady has to be priority in your mind. Don’t take her to the place that doesn’t suit her interest, rather make a common choice which excites both of you. Even if requires a compromise, you give your lady the priority. A sporty girl or woman would never want to go to opera, doesn’t matter if you like it the most. It has to be vibrant time, chose the one accordingly.

Listen Her More- A good listener wins everywhere. Take genuine interest in her talks and explore her talk more, it builds comfort and interest. Good guys keep her first.

Be A Decision Maker- She loves it! Don’t be a guy who can’t even decide over a menu. You must be clear of your choice, be quick in that. 

Hold Your Pants- Even if it’s a Yes and you get into a date, don’t just try to get into the bed. Not every woman or girl is comfortable with that so soon. You both got to spend time with each other first and let the course follow.

Cheers! Good Luck!

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