How To Get His Attention Back? Attract A Guy!

16 Powerful Ways To Get Your Man’s Attention & Love Back!

The guy you have been dating for months or years may be your love, crush or boyfriend. At some point if he loses interest in you, it can be truly devastating. As a result women do unpredictable and weird things. 

In the event that he is pulling away from you, nagging, following and undermining him will just worsen the situation. If your person appears to be occupied with different things going on in his life, and he’s done focusing on you, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to take control of the issue. Sitting back and waiting for the situation to improve itself will not bring in any results and you may lose him forever.

However this is a common situation to be in. Our affection for people frequently comes in waves that rise and fall aimlessly. You’ve presumably encountered this yourself: Have you at any point loved somebody and afterward abruptly, unexpectedly, the entirety of your sentiments disappeared? What stopped those feelings?

At this time, you also need to put yourself into his shoes and try to identify if he is also going through the same? In the early age of love relationships it’s quite probable to get into this situation.

How do you deal with it smartly? What actions can you take to bring that interest and harmony back? How can you inspire him to attract back with pride? How to get boyfriend’s attention back? Read on, here are 16 powerful ways to get his attention back.

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#1 Give Him Space

Don’t start questioning him in multiple ways. “What’s wrong with you?”, “Why have you not been replying to me?”. Your frustration may turn him off completely and instead of getting him back, you may lose him.

To deal with it, you need to replicate his behavior and give him all the space he needs. By giving him space you are letting him know that you are fine without him as well and don’t really need to be with him directly or indirectly 24/7.

This may reignite his interest as he’ll feel a lack of his importance in your life. However this may not always work well in all the cases so you have other ways as well as described further.

#2 Show Interest, Be Proactive & Take The Lead.

Guys like confident women who make their decisions. Show genuine interest in him, invite him for a date trip that you plan yourself. Take the lead in getting him to spend time with you and don’t wait for him to ask you. Women are taught to follow man’s plans, however you must initiate planning the events and propose to him.  

Your guy must get to know that you are still genuinely interested in him and you are ready to reignite excitement in the relationship but not desperate to go along at any cost. This is how you can get his attention back.

It’s not only a guy’s responsibility. Initiate engagements from your side.

#3 Don’t Be Clingy

Men don’t want to be tied down. If you are clingy, he may immediately lose interest and look for someone who gives him freedom.

Let him feel that you are independent, confident, and having so much going on in your life. You are not living life just for him and you have your own priorities in life.

You may feel like picking up the phone and talking to him even if you are not getting attention from him. Just stop yourself, withdraw your hands and call someone else instead.

#4 Stop Texting Him Constantly

Guys don’t like women to be pushy. In the beginning he may want to respond to all your texts and also initiates conversation but as he is able to get your interest, he may start taking it for granted.

Make sure that you keep your dignity up as well. Take a step back in texting him often if he is losing interest. Showing him that you are needy & desperate won’t help.

#5 Make Sure He’s Having A Good Time When He Sees You.

You must be able to make an uplifting environment while meeting him. No sadistic or desparate talk. Let him feel that you are quite happy in your life and loss of his interest is not the talk anymore. Share your personal plans which you are making with your friend to cherish.

There are certain things that your guy is going through internally and doesn’t want to share with you. It may be something not right in his family, career or anything else. Once he meets you and his hidden sadistic self is taken over by your warmth and upliftment, you’ll get his attention back.

Overall, you must try to change his environment & mood.

#6 Focus On Yourself, Improve Yourself For You

In this time you are less engaged with him hence it’s a good time for you to work on yourself. Don’t spend your time feeling neglected and unwanted.

Make massive decisions to uplift your life personally and careerwise. Work on your health. Yoga and meditation are great ways to improve your thoughts and become wiser in decision making. Pamper yourself, book a spa, make a good trip with your friends.

Explore your awesomeness and feel how happy a guy can be being with you. When you feel happy and elevated from inside, you emit positive energy that does wonders to get his attention back.

#7 Dress To Impress

You are amazing already but you know that men get obsessed with great dressed women. Up your dressing game a bit. Yeah, get dressed to kill. Your dressing sense is a reflection of your inner self and vice versa. When you love yourself dressed well, you feel happy from inside as well looking at yourself. Take pride in your appearance.

When you are confident, sexy and dressed to kill, you are sending a signal to only those men who appreciate this and deserve you. Let him feel that you have elevated your game in life, he’ll certainly get attracted back. 

#8 Avoid Bringing Him Down

Nobody wants to get associated with a negative talk, environment and vibe. It’s straight but true.

Notice your thoughts and conversations, are you a negative person? Have you been talking to him about stuff that does not elevate his mood? Is he leaving happy or drained after meeting you or talking to you? Did you laugh enough or just shared the bad stuff of the day?

Sometimes we practice negative conversation patterns unknowingly and it becomes a habit. This has to change immediately in order to get anyone’s attraction and make it last.

In a nutshell, be a positive influence. Don’t have a complaining attitude.

#9 Pay Him A Compliment

It’s not only women who feel great about the compliments that they get. Men like it too.

Notice things and behaviour that are positive and pay him a compliment often. It’ll make him need you in his life. Compliments for men are ego boosters and for men it’s important.

Make sure that it’s not a fake compliment though. Keep it real, short and sweet. Even small small appreciations work well, it may be a compliment for his shirt or the fragrance even. This is one of the most powerful secrets of getting a guys attention and love back.

#10 Post A Thirst Trap

Note that he’s watching you even if he is losing interest. Up the game of your social media profiles. Post a picture which brings attention to men. However it must not be highly revealing, this may turn him off forever.

Pictures that make him want you back. Happy mood, amazingly dressed, slightly revealing work well. Post selfies, group photos is not the point here.

#11 Make It Absolutely Clear That You Don’t Want Anything From Him

As mentioned earlier, men like confident women. You must make sure that you are not dependent upon him in any manner. You are self sufficient to take care of yourself well.

He must never feel that you secretly want to take advantage of his social status, money or anything else. Guy’s smell it really fast.

It’s obvious for women to attract a guy who has a high social status and is successful. However you must not try to use those for your benefit.

#12 Play A Challenge

Sometimes you may want to softly give him a bit of his own mind. Think about early days when you intentionally avoided meeting, you were not readily available. You need to bring back this challenge. Show that you are occupied and not available to meet or hang around every time he asks.

In a way he’ll feel that you might lose interest in him and he’ll never want that. Quite possible that his interest is brought back.

#13 Role Of Physical Attraction Still Prevails

You can not take him for granted. Think for a moment if you would keep the same interest in a guy who is not physically attractive? Would you not like to date someone who has a great physique, luxury belongings and social status?

Same stands true for men as well. It’s an everlasting truth that men like beautiful and attractive women. Don’t stop working on yourself to stay attractive. You want him not just as a friend right?

#14 Have A Life Beyond Him Also

Once you are only in him, it’s obvious to become pushy. You can’t be a love sick woman. Make sure that you have a circle beyond him as well and you are spending time there also.

Men feel frustrated if they don’t get space and likely to lose interest. His attention will be back once you start enjoying life beyond him as well.

#15 Pull Back

To pull back intends to in a real sense make a stride back from the relationship. At the point when your person pulls away on the grounds that he’s losing interest, you need to do likewise. On the off chance that he’s not calling, you should quit calling, as well. On the off chance that he’s short with you, you ought to be short with him, as well. On the off chance that he disregards you when you pass him by in the city, you ought to overlook him, as well.

Giving him a painful but necessary consequence will wake him up from whatever is making him lose interest in you.

#16 Reflect

Try not to lounge around and sit tight for him to think of an end on which heading he needs the relationship to go, you need to assume responsibility for the circumstance all alone. Take a pen and paper, begin to record your sentiments. Make a rundown of the sort of relationship you need, and make a second rundown of what your present relationship resembles. In the event that the two rundowns don’t coordinate, it could be the ideal opportunity for you to reassess. 

When you disclose to him it’s finished, he’ll presumably begin pursuing you by and by. It will at that point be your choice to allow him another opportunity or to leave him in the past until the end of time.

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