How To Keep A Guy Interested? Get Him To Commit..

Relationships are complicated these days. People have numerous options to network and spend more time with other people than their partner mostly because of unavoidable work schedule and engagements now a days. Look at marriages, some last 70 years and some not even 70 days. Interesting and frustrating..

After a long search or love at first sight you got the man you wanted. You are fully excited, flying weightlessly in romance and start planning a dream life but somewhere at one corner of the mind some questions haunt you – ‘Will he stay with me forever, What if he started liking someone else, how to keep him committed, will this relationship last long, is he a one woman man? And many more such questions. I am not talking about the ‘doubt’ but ‘insecurity’. Why not?

As a woman or girl what you can do to keep your man is the focus here. As a matter of fact, to keep a relationship both must work and compliment each other but let’s go one by one and focus on women in this article.

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  1. Your Partner Is Your Priority

Everyone needs attention and wants to feel special. Guys often do that for you then why not you? Your boyfriend or husband must feel that warmth of special attention. Women often feel that men are all about sex, food, sports and money, this is true to an extent along with the fact that they are driven more by how you make them feel about themselves. As time passes, life gets super busy and you might start taking him for granted. That’s where you start losing him. Men get switched on by small small attention hacks, be it getting ready with their favourite snack or a sending a sweet text.

2. Be Creative On Your Looks, Love & Respect Yourself. Stay Excited With Your Feminine Attitude

Beauty is an eternal attraction, let’s get that fact ingrained. It’s not only about men, it’s about women too. A handsome guy catches your attention fast, true or not? Men love beauty too. Doesn’t matter how many days, weeks or years of relationship have passed by, you must keep working on your looks, it excites men and keeps them connected. In order to work on yourself you certainly need to love and respect yourself. Don’t treat yourself as a doormat, you are not. Carry confidence and take care of yourself well.

Real men stay attracted to feminine attitude that never dies, it commits them. Your feminine attitude will keep the chemistry working and he’ll miss you whenever he’s out. He’ll stay hooked with you.

3. Trust Him & Let Him Know That You Trust Him

Affirmations and reminders work well, it’s a fact. If you want to keep your guy, he must feel that you trust him. Give him space and freedom to talk to his co-workers and friend circle which includes women as well. Don’t have a spying attitude because if a man senses it, he’ll feel mistrust from your side and eventually he may actually fall for someone else. However be wise about legitimate concerns about cheating and whenever you feel so discuss openly maintaining respect and calmness. Don’t treat your partner just like any other guy, he’s special to you that’s the reason you got along with him.

4. Be Seductive & Flirt Well With Him

Flirting & seduction keeps the relationship lively. Men and woman by nature need to be like that, it’s an important thing. Be creative at your sex life, take initiative to make it pretty hot. Don’t have your old reservations, partner in his wishes, compliment it. A study shows that couples who keep their sex life exciting with each other, stay in long lasting relationship.

Men want to be appreciated for their skill in bed. His Prowess must be validated to be specific.

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5. Support Him, Take Stand For Him

Men get turned on by encouragement from their partner. Support him in trying new things. Life may go through rough patches at times and your role in supporting him will sail you both through much faster. Most men are not that expressive and you may not expect heartfelt conversation every time he’s going through challenges. Tell him that you are there with him whatever is the case, tell him that you are part of his journey. This makes his commitment much stronger.

He may be proven wrong at times, he may be put into awkward situation without his fault. This is where you take stand for him. It doesn’t only make you win both but also the relationship.

6. Don’t Play Games With Him

You can not do something that you don’t expect from your partner. Intentional delays in your responses just to make yourself feel important will make you lose the game actually. Make no efforts to make him jealous to attract his attention, it won’t work. Playing games keeps you away from you real self and the relationship will have no transparency if your do so. Idea is not to project what you are not. Relationships last on being real because acting can not be done all the time.

7. Take Lead Whenever You See An Opportunity

Partnership does wonders when both contribute well. Ways of contribution can be different and often complimenting each other. Many women think that it’s a man’s responsibility first. Get your basics right – men love seeing you participating by taking lead. It helps men in a great way. Men get turned off by confused women who are not able to make even small decisions. Don’t be one. Look for areas when you can do better than him, everyone has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s where you can compliment him by taking lead. 

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8. Socialise Along With Him Too

Take interest in his circle, get to know his friends. Introduce him to your friends. Party together as well. Relationships last long when all of your family, friends and relatives know about you both and the relationship. Make a point to meet elderly people in the family along with him. A family man does all the efforts to keep the relationship lovely and long lasting.

9. Express Gratitude

Relationship is a bond built by both. Expressing gratitude for even small small things makes a man/woman feel worthy. It builds respect and makes him feel his value in your life. Gratitude brings abundance. It fills the guy with positive emotions. Gratitude notes and texts make the relationship amazing. It’ll keep his commitment level even higher.

10. Make Him Your Hero

Last but not the least, this is one of the top things you need to take care of. Men get turned on by excitation of this instinct called as the Hero Instinct. Fuel this instinct and he’ll never leave you in life. It’s the crux of  a man’s commitment. Men have this innate desire to protect a woman and men are known for that. There are countless movies and book written on it. Irrespective of the fact that you are independent or self sufficient, it’s about the relationship and innate nature of men given by God.

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Cheers! Good Luck!

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