How To Make Him Miss You? 9 Ways To Make Him Crazy For You..

The feeling of missing someone and wanting to be with that person is an automatic effort to tie the knot of relationship. It keeps a relationship together.

Nothing feels greater than the feeling of being special when you come to know that he misses you. Whether it’s a beginning of a relationship or you want to make it long lasting, in both cases getting him to miss you is the secret ingredient in your love life. It’s awesome to make a guy miss you!

Science says – the chemical reaction induced by emotions and feeling of being together produce serotonin and dopamine. More he is with you more he gets addicted to these. Body starts craving for these if he is not with you.

Apart from the feeling of being special, it also builds self-worth. He’ll never take you for granted once you understand and apply the tips discussed here. 

how to make him miss you
  1. Leave An Impression He Can’t Live Without – Be That Woman Or Girl

Let’s have a look at two couples. Marie & John always enjoy being together, they share good moments, laugh together enjoy doing fun activities and travel together with excitement. Other side Alicia & George get into arguments often while they meet or talk. Alicia has a nagging and complaining attitude. George tries to pacify things, attempts to have fun but he doesn’t succeed often.

Which couple you think is gonna miss each other more? You are right. Marie & John! Understand the psychology behind, human beings either attract pleasure or avoid pain, it’s that simple.

You have to be that women who gives him something so special and variety of it so that your can make your man feel severe lack of it when he is not around. Great stories, jokes, encouragement, appreciation, making wonderful plans and talking about love and romance are some of the things you can give him to make a man miss you.

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2. Be Creative – Have Engaging Talk

how to make him fall in love

The guy also needs to know that he is a special person in your life. Every time you meet, bring in some creativity, be it trying new food, desserts or drinks, exploring new places to hang around, cooking something for him, making him meet your friends and many more such.

Share moments between the gap of your meetings. The more you engage him, he would want to spend more time with you which ensures you are leaving an impression and he’s loving being with you. However make sure to keep mysteries while you are dating a new guy don’t just reveal everything in one go. Be slow and make your boyfriend feel that you have more interesting stuff to tell going forward.

Apart from your talk and sharing, make it a point to listen to him well. Get him to speak more, be curious about his talk and ask questions to know more and create more interest. Guys love it too when you listen to them and take interest. Do it and make him crave you.

3. Be Independent & Invest In Yourself

make him crave you

Let’s get the fact – Guys love confidence! Given a choice between an independent and confident woman vs dependent and confused, men will always go for the first one.

You got to be a decision maker. It doesn’t mean that you don’t consult or share with your guy. Interdependence is normal in a relationship but you must be able to take a call. Independent women have their say, they are heard better. He must not feel that you are getting into a relationship with him to get any kind of support physically or emotionally.

Make it a habit to invest in yourself. New look, dressing up well, trying new accessories and fragrances excites men a lot. Certain fragrances remind us of specific people, make him lean towards you with long breaths every time he meets. Imagine if your boyfriend notices something new in you every time he meets you, he has a reason to meet again and explore more of you. Till the next meeting the only thing will happen is – he’ll miss you and will wait for the date or meet. In reality investing in yourself makes you feel good as well. It can make him crazy for you.

4. Love & Care Beats Everything

If your guy gets genuine extraordinary love and care from you, he is bound to miss you and fall in love with you. When you get the untold sadness in him, you show love and care. You get things which he is avoiding to tell you, just not to make you feel sad – you win him. Your boyfriend or man must feel that you are standing by his side always.

Don’t be fussy when he makes mistake unless repeating the same again and again. Nurse him when he’s sick, spend time with him when he needs you and be faithful. This also answers your question about how to make him fall in love with you!

5. Give Him Space

give him space

Unless you give him space how can you make him miss you :)? Guys usually want little more space than women do. You have to accept certain worldly facts, your guy can’t be much different from the basic and most common traits men have.

You must encourage him to go out and spend time with his friends be it sports or a party. Giving him space, gives you space too. You do need it. Studies show that couples who spend all their time together get into health issues earlier and faster because it makes you neglect your family, friend and yourself too. You become so much dependent and eventually less confident and weak. As a result, forget him missing you – he’ll be happy getting away from you to get some time to spend alone and with his friends. Remember the bottom line – suffocation kills. Ensuring this you give him another reason to make him miss you.

6. No Made Attempts To Make Him Miss You

Don’t be obsessed with the fact of making him miss you. Be the woman or girl he is bound to miss.

Make sure you are not doing any stupid efforts make him recall you. Men are not stupid, they get it easily. Don’t send him texts multiple times a day unless necessary just to feed your ego of making him recall you. Some women think and try ways to make their man feel jealous by hanging out with other guys, posting such pictures on social media etc. Don’t just get into this trap, you may lose the guy instead.

Let me repeat – Be the woman or girl he is bound to miss.

7. Cook Delicious Food For Him

The saying – ‘Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ stands true until today. Believe it or not; creativity, vibes and taste which you can bring to the food, man can’t – if you cook with full heart. Men love great food. Make his taste buds miss you too in addition to his heart and mind – the added advantage!

In case you don’t know how to cook, it’s good opportunity to learn a new skill. It’s going to help your long term relationship prosper.

8. Don’t Be Always Available – Limit Your Communication

Being always available may not help in making him miss you or making him fall in love with you. If it’s an urgency you are more than available, remember that. But in case of usual life and days don’t just sit on the phone to wait for texts and reply him in no time. You are not only at the job of love or making him miss you. Taking some time in responding to texts and calls at times is good and you must do that.

Don’t fall into the trap of giving all of your time to him in person or thinking about him. You have to work on yourself too, it’s equally important. Give him space, get yourself space. In this time you can create more genuine reasons to make him miss your even more.

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9. Go Slower Than Him In Being Intimate

make a man crave you

You have make the journey to bed longer than he wants. Rather you make a choice yourself without being loud about it. Guys by innate nature may go faster at this but you need to keep breaks and gear in your hands. Sex without love and emotions burns the possibility of a long term relationship. Couples who spend all their time together end up getting in bed soon and eventually they break up soon. Sex is part of the relationship but not the other way round.


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