How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work? LDR Couple

Falling in love with someone is not based upon a strategy, it just happens. You may meet someone once and it sparks. In many cases both of you are from far away but just a sight or meeting makes you feel as if he/she is the one! It just happens. You don’t really know immediately if this is going to be a long distance relationship?

Long distance relationships have been enticing yet confused. LDR couples have a constant notion in mind if this is a long lasting thing? Human relationships and interactions are based upon the fives senses plus the thoughts which flow in our minds. Distances separate us from one of the most important senses which is ‘TOUCH’ and this sense works as a wonder in relationships, be it hugs, kisses or just a feel.

Thanks to the technology today which is helping in all means to reduce feeling of the distance. However when couples are connected better at thought level it makes much easier to make a long distance relationship work.

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Let’s look at the proven tips and advices which help in reducing love distance and make long distance relationships work.

  1. The Opportunity Mindset

Long distance relationships are opportunities to build great positive traits in your personality. It is a test of your love. It’ll teach you patience, staying organised, career orientation, independence and having right expectations. It keeps you excited about unlimited romance ideas once you get together at some point of time. Couples which can stay in love for long in a long distance relationship actually tend to cherish life as life long parters once they get an opportunity to live together in future. Living apart gives you great lessons to live together happily.

Remember, your goal has to be very clear. What are you expecting out of this relationship, the future?

2. Setting Ground Rules

Its extremely important to set realistic and healthy expectations from each other in LDR e.g. how often you want to see each other, schedule to be online together, would you still like to date other people and what you expect from other person on the same, etc. It’s about having the intentions clear and no hiding of the truth. Remember, there’s no right or wrong, it’s just the clarity, understanding and compatibility.

Knowing each others schedule well is an important aspect too. Otherwise your assumptions may kill the relationship. If person is involved in a meeting or some other activity, he/she may not respond immediately. At times schedule is tight for a day or more in case of events, exams or such other things, your expectations may frustrate both of you. So know and share the schedules well.

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3. Communication – Share As Much As You Can

Communication is the key in any relationship be it living together or a long distance. How much is too much needs to be figured out as a priority. The idea is to feel connected, not to just keep talking all the time. Some couples don’t really talk that long on daily basis but keep maintaining a great relationship. Others may really need a lot of time to talk but still stay confused about the commitment and connection.

Discuss with each other what frequency and mode of communication works out the best for each other. It can be texting, talking or a video call and in reality a mix of all these. Your frequency must not be frustrating and binding for each other.

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4. Love Reminder

Being distant, insecurity rises because you are spending less time with each other. Experts and psychologists say that frequent verbal assurances work well when you are away from each other. Show genuinely what you love in this relationship and about each other. Genuine love and appreciation builds a strong bond. It’s like fusing a love strand together every time and building a strong rope one day.

Ask about your uncertainties too, don’t feel afraid. You approach must be get clarity not to blame or impose.

Your maximum effort must be to build a positive environment and excite each other with verbal love assurances.

5. Visit Each Other – Hangout Together 

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Make advance plans together to meet each other. Let’s get the fact right – 100% online relationships won’t last.

You need to be with each other physically as the time and schedule allows but make it a priority. As mentioned earlier, TOUCH is the critical sense of any relationship. Make sure your get time to touch each other, feel each other, kiss, hold, hug. Look at each other and come out with your best of the creativities to make this date to remember. Make out, be naughty with each other if both don’t have any reservations or abstinence understanding already.

These things are common to couples living together but extremely exciting and sparkling for couples in long distance relationships.

6. Being Romantic & Naughty

Sex is not only a biological need but also emotional. Desire to make out and throwing away the barriers of being so open to each other is part of a great couple relationship. It’s the last thing you’ll talk with each other as your grow older in communication, true or not? Which simply means as you open up more this world also opens up too. It’s a going and a natural phenomenon.

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Those naughty texts and intimate video chat sessions (as per the comfortability of both) excite, remind of a great connection and open up the inner shell of your relationship. Please note that, relationship doesn’t start with this, hence be cautious as well.

7. Let Your Family & Close Friends Know About It

At some stage you see the future together, let your family and close friends know about it and both of you must be knowing this fact. Best way is to have a chat with each other’s family as you feel like. Though keep the communication limited. When you bring your family and close buddies into knowing, commitment strengthens. They make ways to make you bring together as much as possible. They find out options and suggest things which can make you start living together. Sooner ‘long distance relationship’ converts to ‘living together’ the better.

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8. Uplift Each other

Right partnerships and relationships are always uplifting. Help each other plan the career and finances better. Everyone has challenges in life and as a partner you have the right and responsibility to boost up the morale, come up with solutions and show a ray of hope always. Share what you can to lessen the burden of the other.

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When you see yourself standing at height, look down and give your hand to bring someone up, that’s life.

9. Mark Emotional Dates – Don’t Forget To Wish Creatively

Remember emotional dates like birthdays and festivals. Wishing on time turns a person on and feels emotionally connected. Do send gifts on these for sure. However sending surprise gifts is also required at times, don’t miss on those. Be creative to come up with personalised gifts. Acknowledging identity excites people, it’s natural.

Even something tiny and simple excites the person since you remembered the event or just sent it as a reminder of love and care. The more they look at it the more recall happens.

10. Exchange Belongings

Exchanging stuff like clothes which are almost common for each other excites relationship. Do send to swap these, wear those as per the suitability and make a point to dress up with one while you both are having a video call. It brings up a topic to chat about, acknowledges efforts and brings up a virtual touch and feel. It ignites romance and even those naughty worlds at times.

11. Create A Plan To Merge Your Worlds In Long Term

It’s important to know and feel for both of you that there’s a long term intent. It you want to spend your life with the person, you need to craft a plan to start living together.

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It may involve relocation, job change, business expansion, wedding etc. These are important decisions and need a prior planning. This hope and excitement will also help you sail through some of those tough days of long term relationship. When the goals are clear and your are oriented, hurdles don’t matter much.

Let the love soar!

Cheers! Happy Love Life..

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