Is He Losing Interest – Why Do Men Pull Away?

Has your guy lost interest in you? Is he distancing? Do you feel he is finding reasons to interact less and spending less time with you? There is nothing worse than having your boyfriend or husband pull away from you. Unfortunate but it’s common in a relationships today.


Women get confused and unable to get the reason of this shattering love and commitment in most cases. Main reason women feel is their guy’s attraction towards another woman which may not be the case always. In reality both of you have invested good precious time in your relationship. Leaving a relationship and establishing a new one is not a priority for anyone unless there’s a severe disconnect. Men also know, there’s no guarantee of next relationship thriving well.

Bottom line is that there’s some chemistry which has gone wrong, it’s not his deliberate effort to make you feel pain. Let’s focus on the most important aspects which are important and may have gone wrong! Don’t worry, there’s a remedy too.

  1. Compromised Space & Freedom

In best of the relationships, guys have their space. It’s a masculine thing to be free to make decisions and act freely. By the way it’s your requirement too. Women also want independence. Men distance when their freedom reaches to a level of suffocation. Check if you are too fussy about what is he doing, where is he going and have questions which show your doubt in his integrity.

The bigger problem is – most likely he is even unable to discuss this openly with you and hence he decided to stay quiet and feel bad about it. Eventually it has resulted into distancing. However this may not be the only reason, read on for other aspects as well.

2. It Was Too Quick & He Is Not That Much Into You

It’s hard to believe, how can a guy get into a relationship if he is not that much into you, does not really love you. Pause – It happens. It happens mostly with introvert guys. If your boyfriend or husband is introvert, your attention, interest and emotions might have dominated his slow decision making and it just happened. In such case commitment is a remote thing.

If it has happened fast, both of you may not know if you share the same vision, complimenting future plans and compatibility. The value system might be different and alignment could not happen in time and deep emotional connection remained missing. In such case, he needs an instinct to be ignited by you and things may fall back in place.

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3. The Hidden Secrets Or Stress

If your guy has some secrets and didn’t reveal it before you both got into relationship and the secret is such that may disturb you much. In this case he lacks confidence and can’t dare to speak up. It keeps him frustrated internally and shows up in the form of disinterest.

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with you. It is severe stress of other stuff, may be at job or finances. He is so much into thinking about it that you feel he is losing interest. Be patient, attempt to have subtle talk abut it. Let him know that you are there to support him whatever is the case. Work on him to get the fact out and devise ways to bring him out of that stress. He needs you support!

4. His Respect Is Compromised

A relationship can’t be taken for granted. Guys too are sensitive about their respect like women. Sometimes there’s career or professional competition between the couple. If you seem doing better than your man, stay gracious. Person and Identity are two different things, don’t attach money, success or even lack of anything with your identity. Treat him as the best man for you. Don’t question his importance.

Respect matters a lot in social circle as well. Women who are doing better than man in terms of career, business or money tend to give less importance to their men and hesitate in meeting social circle along with their man. This is top way of losing your husband or boyfriend. Remember, it’s him whom you have loved and decided to be in a relationship. If that was not the case and you took decision of relationship based upon other factors like success, money etc, sooner or later his interest will drop unless you work on other factors to overcome the materialistic basis of your relationship.

5. Relationship is lacking excitement

Remind yourself about that spark in initial days. You both were getting restless to meet each other often. Even a coffee with him was the most exciting thing. Driving down together, going on a date, planning short trips, bunking office or college were damn exciting things for you.

Where’s that spark now? Has that creativity gone away? If not, have you subsided the fact of excitement since you have achieved the goal of being with him in a relationship! Life must not become mundane and boring. Often you must feel like going on a date as time permits. Take a look back and recall all those things which you used to cherish together be it a sport, hobby, passion or activity. Pattern is boring, whatever it is. Life is not a pattern, be creative to bring excitement.

6. Mismatch In Sexual Chemistry

This is one of the main and obvious reasons. Significant difference in sexual drive creates frustration. You man must not feel low while in bed. It’s masculine for him to make you feel great in bed and man wants his skills to be validated. Sex is more mental than physical. Couple with strong connect of emotions do it very well.

Sexual compatibility has to be built. You must keep this in your priority list but not an obsession also. Men love their partner to be creative and be ready to try new things. Sex must not become boring. It’s a good conversation to have to make you both feel comfortable and involved. Let those passionate kisses also continue.

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7. You Are Not Focussing On Yourself, Lack of Self Love

Just that you have got love of your life, you left working on yourself? – Not a good idea. You have been conscious about your looks, dress, skin and perfumes while dating and in early days of your relationship, true? Keep that self love ongoing. Beauty, attitude, the way you carry yourself turns a man on – It’s a truth.

Men feel pride in seeing you happy and maintained. Your happiness makes them happy, be it your husband or a boyfriend.

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8. Your Addiction To Social Media

This is another talk of the town these days. Remember you partner, spouse, husband or boyfriend need your quality time and involvement. Being on social media is good and unavoidable these days. BUT if you are addicted, losing clock and his needs – you lose the game. Men are less obsessed with social media than women.

Your guy is your partner, not the social media. No use of communication devices while being in bed, having food and talking to your guy.

9. He Is Attracted To Someone Else

This in my opinion is the last thing. It’s unfortunate and ignorance to see this as the first thing. Men usually get attracted to some other woman if rest eight points mentioned above are not in place. (I am not talking about a womaniser or a person who is just playing games. It’s not the focus here.)

Restricting him meeting people because you have fear of losing him will make you lose ultimately. Be open and jolly to talk about this in funny ways. Don’t ever make attraction elsewhere a serious topic to discuss.

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