What Men Want In A Woman? Secrets Of A Successful Relationship?

It has always been a mystery to get the real wants of each other in a relationship. Men are mysterious for women and women are mysterious for men. The fact that both think different, stands correct in a nutshell.

You often get into the resentment and frustration when you are clueless about how to make your man happy. You are always curious to establish a warm and romantic relationship but efforts seem futile. Do you know men feel the same when they are unable to understand your needs. But for now we’ll focus on men about their wants, desires and psychology.

Let’ have a look some of the most important things about ‘what men want?’.

1. Honest Communication & Straight Answer

Men are mostly looking for the honest, clear communication. They want a straight and clear answer of their questions and not indirects one. “Oh yeah… but you know… ok this will also do but not that great..Bla Bla” does confuse and frustrate them. Men want to be well informed about all that’s going on around them. They want no secrets.

To attract a great man, and build a satisfying relationship, you need learn how to communicate your truth and needs effectively.

2. Men Want Independent & Confident Women

do guys like confidence

You might have always this question if mind ‘Do guys like confident women?’ The answer is Yes! Men like confident women. Men like independent women. Being dependent is not a great feeling for anyone, be it a woman or a man. Being dependent hinders the independence of other person and men want to protect their independence. Contrary to the belief that men want to be the main guy in the family, what they want is to be with someone who can support and contribute to the relationship in all possible ways and means.

One powerful way to attract a great guy and build an exciting relationship is to create a full, rewarding life for your own fulfilment.

3. Beauty With Brains

beauty with brain

Your looks attract him first! Men rely on their visuals a lot. Pretty woman tops the list. Being pretty consists of elegance as well. However building a relationship takes time and where brain and intelligence starts to play an important role as well. A short term hanging around can be with beauty only, but when it comes to a long term relationship ‘beauty with brains’ plays a key role.

You can get a man well by connecting with him on the intelligence level.

4. No Manipulation

Men hate manipulations. Assumptions kill the relationship. Women think men want less communication and only way to get them to engage in more communication is to manipulate things. This will go against your relationship. Men don’t want to get into investigations of any kind to get to know what women want rather they expect a clear cut communication. They don’t want to on the receiving end. ‘Guessing’ game is not in their games directory. Everyone does mistakes and that’s not a big deal, issue is in manipulating to show that you haven’t done so.

To establish a great relationship, ask straight about a man’s needs and wants. Tell your needs and wants directly without stories. 

5. Loyalty & Commitment

loyalty in a relationship

Who doesn’t want loyalty and commitment? This tops the list of women anyway. It goes the same with men also. Women think that men have sex as highest priority and they may fall for anyone prettier which is not true if relationship has other ingredients in place. Men honour loyalty.

Disloyalty is distasteful to both women and men. Great men know how to establish a wonderful relationship with loyalty.

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6. Woman Who Cares

Care comes out of respect and sensitivity towards one’s feelings. Man needs his woman to take care of him irrespective of how independent, important and self sufficient he is. Just asking him how he is and how the day has been makes him feel loved. By the way his favourite food cooked by you is one of the main ingredients of the care recipe. As they say, way to man’s heart is though his stomach – this in fact stands true. Most men can’t prepare good food but they like to eat the best, you become his queen there as well.

Care relaxes a man! Do care for it and establish a great loving relationship.

7. Woman Who Takes Care Of His Appearance

relationship secrets

Along with beauty, a maintained woman excites the man. If you don’t take care of your appearance even being beautiful, he gets tuned off! Men do love your great fragrances, maintained hair, nice clothes, well done lips, nice jewellery and elegant attitude to carry yourself. It turns them on! After all to get love you need to love yourself first.

Watch your appearance to make get him attracted always.

8. Woman With Maternal Instincts

A man wants a woman with a maternal instinct because he expects her to be a good mother once you have children. It’s a blessing to a man. Woman with maternal instincts not only look after her children with love, but also look after her man well. Woman with maternal thoughts is admired for her quality in the society as well.

Your maternal instinct will make your man stress free of raising the children well.

9. Men Want Praise & Respect

Men are crazy for respect and praise just like women. They are no different on this aspect. The only difference they have is that men like genuine praise. Praise gives him confidence and he’ll love that. Showing your respect for him is showing him that you love and appreciate him for being there for you.

Build a bond that is based upon appreciation of each other’s skills and qualities. Showing respect is easy, you just have to acknowledge the things he does for you and tell him how much you admire his efforts.

10. A Sexual Connection

couple in bed

Believe it or not, falling in love involves a great sexual chemistry between both of you. Men love being so close that you have nothing left to hide, deep sex is the way. Men love women surrender them to please. Men also love reversing the rules at times. Sometimes they expect their partner to initiate.

Your appearance and how you carry yourself adds to his desire of deep sexual connection. You can do it great and win him every time.

11. Men Want Their Freedom & Their Friend Circle

This is the place where most women get fussy. Remember that before you he has his circle existing for long and he has earned it by participation, sharing and trust. He’ll never like any of your efforts to get him away form his circle. This is part of his freedom as well. Men like to get their decision making respected. They like to make their own schedules and plans, sometimes with your and sometimes with friends. You must respect that. However infidelity is out of the scope in the freedom aspect.

Respect his plans, friends his family and colleagues. Build a good rapport with them as you get a chance.

12. Men Want To Be Seen As A HERO

Last but not the least, a man never leaves the woman who treats him as a Hero. It comes out of a natural fact that they want to protect you forever. They want to make you feel secure and safe. Being a hero gives him a feeling of self-worth and men love it.

Treat him as a hero and you’ll rejoice your life forever!

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