What Women Want In A Man? 9 Top Traits

what do women look for in a man

Almost every woman today has this fear of relationship stability in mind. Getting into relationship is easier these days due to easy social networking access. As a result good number of distant connections are materialising into long term or life long relationships. Expectation setting is a natural phenomenon and women have such from men too. Some women may want too much from men but some may have very basic and essential expectations to nurture great relationship. Here we’ll talk about 9 top traits women want in a man. 

  1. Trustworthiness

This is not too much to ask I believe from either side. Trust is the basic ingredient of any relationship. When a man is trustworthy, he quickly becomes more appealing and desirable to a woman. Who doesn’t love and want a dependable, truthful, and genuine guy? Trust and trustworthiness allow relationships to become stronger. This is important for a woman to know if she wants a long term relationship. Women love an open hearted guy, the one who speaks from the heart.

  1. Respect

Respect is the inherent need of human beings. A successful, happy, and healthy relationship thrives on respect of each other. How you treat women shows the personality and weight of a man. A woman will be more inclined to a man who shows her care and treats her with the respect she deserves. Women want their opinions also to be respected. Rejecting them is the sign of arrogance of a man and it indicates that a man has power issues. This is what women want in a man the most.

  1. Confidence

Confident man is very much appealing to a woman. She feels secure with a confident man. Being confident means being comfortable with who you are and believing in yourself. Women give attention to the positive and vibrant energy a confident man exudes out in the world. But make sure it doesn’t lead to over confidence because that shows egotism. Confidence wins a woman over and over again. This keeps on building the bond stronger and richer.

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  1. Good Sense Of Humour

Winning a woman’s heart is never a rocket science. A good sense of humour attracts a woman to a man instantly. She loves to spend time with such man. Who would like to accompany a boring person? None right! However, you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to seek a woman’s attention, but having the ability to joke around, and having sense of humour is highly attracting. Study says; the more a woman laughs with your sense of talk or humour, the more romance is filled in her. She gets more interested in such a man since he is able to keep her happy, light and vibrant.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Women love the man who listens the unspoken. Yes! Emotional intelligence of men attracts women. Women want men to be emotionally available whenever they need and this need will be unspoken many times. Women prefer a man who is able to show his true feelings and discuss them openly rather than keeping inside. Women are better at taking the opinions and views of their partner into consideration than men, which is essential for a healthy relationship.

  1. Active Listening

Women want to be heard guys and so do you but they are more sensitive about it. They want their guy to pay attention to what they say, talk or discuss. Active listening is what they need since it results in active participation too. Research says that active listening is related to respect as well. A woman feels respected when a man listens her completely with full attention and details. As a result they love to talk and spend time with such men. This makes the bond stronger and long lasting.

  1. Maturity

Relate this with these two pairs – ‘Girl & Boy’, ‘Woman & Man’. Woman is mature form of girl and man is mature form of boy. Then why a woman must not be attracted with maturity of a man. They love a calm and composed man; a man who doesn’t over react. Women love men who deal with difficult situations with utmost gravity. Mature man doesn’t mean a boring man. Having a good sense of humour is also a sign of maturity.

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8. Supports Her Career

Women want to be independent and they must feel the man on side loving this attitude too. Women want to feel pride and gain confidence. They do want to achieve everything a man wants in his career. The man who supports a woman in building her career gets more love, romance and care. Contribution never goes waste. If a man does this contribution he gets rewarded by a woman in numerous forms.

9. Celebrates Her Success

The power game takes place in most partners relationships. Ego kills the bond, love, romance and fulfilment. Women want their men to be part of their success celebration the same way they do for men. It’s humble, respectful, mature and gesture of emotional intelligence. Contributing to the celebration shows almost all the top traits women love in men. It’s not about big or small, every celebration has to be done with full heart participation. It wins a man, a woman for life. It wins him a bond for life.

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